Drive direct bookings through your own hotel's website

What it looks like?

A quick, safe engine for travelers to book with great UI. Easy to learn, easy to use. Check all info with a single login. We design the platform to suit your business needs. Also, the Booking Engine is cloud based so you can access it anytime anywhere.

High Conversion

Convert a seamless visitor into a qualified guest through our secure platform

What makes us different?

Manage Bookings

Modify, edit or create manual bookings right from the dashboard.

Dependent Rooms & Meals

Flexibility in pricing your rooms with dependent rooms and rate plans with our booking engine.

Multiple payment options

Allow your customers to pay at hotel or pay online while booking.

Promotions and Deals

Engage your customers through our booking engine by providing them with special deals & promo codes when they book directly with you.

Easy Tax Setup

Booking Engine allows you to setup custom tax rates so your invoices are always compliant with latest tax laws.

One Login for All

Say goodbye to multiple logins. Our single login platform allows you to access every detail.

In-Depth Reports

Get a complete view of your booking calendar. Up-to-date Check-in and Check-out info in just a few clicks with our channel manager.

Try it to believe it. We offer 100% transparent pricing.

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