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Increase direct reservations on your hotel's website.

What it looks like?

Elevate guest experience with a hotel and room service app.
Tiniva technology enables you to provide exceptional guest experiences, while improving your average cheque spend and staff efficiency.

Significance of technology in the hotel industry

Technological revolutions have always been very natural in the hospitality sector. In many ways, the hospitality industry is leading the charge in the adoption of smart business technology. From operations to guest experience to marketing, smart hotel technology…

What makes us different?

Room service on the app

With Tiniva’s feature-rich ordering solutions, guests can order room service from your website or mobile app

Guest services on the app

Leave your reception staff available to interact on the floor with guests, while taking in-room queries directly from the app.

Merchandise sales on the app

Sell your branded towels, t-shirts, keyrings and more to your guests using our ordering technology

Order function space on the app

Hosting a wedding, awards night or other special event at your hotel directly via the app.

Guest assistance

Tiniva’s guest assistance technology allows you to fulfill guests’ requests without them having to leave their room or call reception

Table ordering on the app

Table ordering allows your guests to browse for longer, resulting in higher purchase values.

Try it to believe it. We offer 100% transparent pricing.

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