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OTA Integrations

OTAs are Online Travel Agents who allow various travel related services to be aggregated on a single platform. Some examples are, Agoda,, and Airbnb. Each OTA has a dedicated login window to help you upload and sell inventory (rooms). To make it easy to manage all your inventories on many OTAs, AxisRooms helps you distribute your inventory on 160+ OTAs around the world.

PMS Integrations

Property Management Systems (PMS) is a software-tool to manage room availability, front office booking, sales & planning, generate detailed reports and more. Our Channel Manager and Booking Engine can integrate with any of the listed PMS.

Metasearch Engines

A Metasearch Engine groups inventories from many OTAs on a simple, easy-to-search platform. Such platforms are popular as they allow travelers to view room rates from various OTAs on a single window. Trivago is a good example of a Metasearch Engine.

Payment Gateways

Payment Gateways let you collect booking payments in popular currencies from across the globe. This provides a hassle-free booking experience to your customers as well as makes it easy to accept major currencies with ease.


Allows you to open your inventories to Global Travel Agents and Corporate markets.