Manage your hotel operations & all your reservation on one platform

What it looks like?

Command centre for you front desk personnel to stay on top of their daily tasks including check-ins & check-outs for the day, tracking guests staying & incoming cancellations with our property management systems.


Create & manage your reservations from both online & offline channels.


Handle front desk tasks like check-ins, document scanning, price overrides & more.


Analyze detailed reports on hotel performance, agent performance, bookings & invoices.

What makes us different?

Your hotel’s chain hierarchy can be easily represented by the system, and along with support for nested chains, we also make it easy for you to navigate to any chain or property through our property management system.

Define all your agents and tag them with their respective commission & TDS, which makes your booking process a lot faster as all these details are picked up automatically through our property management system.

You are automatically enrolled into our Channel Manager & RMS, with optional upgrades for the Booking Engine.

Along with our property management system, you have access to our entire product suite including the Channel Manager & Revenue Management System. All our products are cloud based. So, you can access it anytime, anywhere.

Full package to increase your hotel’s revenue.

Other Products

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