get the edge over your competition

What it looks like?

Derive insights by observing your competitor’s pricing pattern on different days of the week, dates when they are sold out or have spiked up their rates through our rate shopper.

Rate Shopping

Visualize your competition’s pricing against your own for each day of the month.


Rate Parity

Check your hotel’s online rate disparity with a detailed rate breakup & reason.



Compare your hotel’s online ranking with the competition at the city & micro market level.


What makes us different?

Interact With Graphs Through Cloud

Our interactive graphs not just look stunning, but they deliver valuable insights as well. Rate Shopper is a cloud based tool so you can access it anytime anywhere.


Change Competition Set Anytime

Choose up to 10 competitors and change them anytime you want.


Fetch Live Rates

Online rates constantly change during the day, stay up to date with market pricing through our rate shopper.

Analyze Year Round Prices

Access market prices for all 365 days of the year including peak season, holidays & events through our rate shopper.

Full package to increase your hotel’s revenue.

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