Channel Manager

Manage prices, inventory & bookings across all online channels in real time.

What it looks like?

The dashboard gives you a panoramic view of your entire inventory. Say goodbye to double booking. Update the price once and sync it with all connected OTAs. Our dashboard is easy to learn and easy to use. Check information with a single login, anytime anywhere.


Rates & Inventory

Update inventories across all channels with one click.

What makes us different?

Manage Bookings

View all your bookings together. Confirm, cancel, view all your bookings from different OTAs in one place.

Log every move

The Channel Manager logs every change made by the user so you can audit what happened and when.

Best Parity Policy

We guarantee same pricing and ratings for all travel agencies with complete integration.

Over 50 OTA Integrations

We got the best OTAs with the best APIs to deliver you the most reliable platform with all tools to manage your hotel in one place.

Formula Pricing

Alleviate yourself from pricing nightmare. Just update one price and let the system update the price for all your room & rate plan combinations.

Almost All Currencies

With well over 29 currencies, you never have to lose a booking from any corner of the globe through our channel manager.

Integrate your PMS

Have a PMS? We work great together with top PMS providers. Your PMS and channel manager will always be in sync.

Real Time Updates

All updates happen simultaneously. We are integrated with all channels. Even on Airbnb, we are the only partner integrated with Airbnb in India.


The devil is in the detail. Our platform helps you run analytical reports to monitor each characteristic of your business (eBookings, guests, inventories and more). Know the what, where and when of all your bookings. Understand trends and optimize selling channels.

Customize all the way

Block/unblock channels, set sold out dates, and so much more. We can customize the way you want with our channel manager.

Know what you pay for with our 100% transparent pricing policy.

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